(A)   The purpose of this subchapter is to establish a site plan review procedure which will ensure that the development of property within the city conforms to the building and land use requirements established by the city and provide a means whereby the City Building and Planning Departments will have the information necessary to properly execute the building and land use enactments administered by the Departments. This subchapter is not intended to establish new or different standards from those presently enacted in the existing building and land use laws of the city, but is intended to be an aid of the administration and enforcement of the laws.
   (B)   Before any parcel is created, or any structure is erected, or any use is established in any R-M, C-G, C-H, M-1 or M-2 zone within the city, the owner of the property which is the subject matter thereof shall file a site plan with the city and obtain approval of the same in the manner specified herein. The procedures established by this subchapter shall be administered by the City Planning Department.
(1994 Code, § 15.28.010)  (Ord. 80-101, passed - -1980)