Six prints of a site plan prepared to scale and containing the following information shall be filed by the property owner with the Planning Department:
   (A)   Lot dimensions including all contiguous property under the same ownership;
   (B)   All existing proposed buildings and structures and their locations with full dimensions;
   (C)   Yards and space between all existing and proposed buildings;
   (D)   Walls and fences including height and material;
   (E)   Sidewalks;
   (F)   Off-street parking and points of ingress and egress;
   (G)   Sign locations including size and height;
   (H)   Location of landscaping; and
   (I)   The additional information as may be required by the Planning Director to enable the City Building and Planning Departments to determine that the proposed project is lawful and feasible.
(1994 Code, § 15.28.020)  (Ord. 80-101, passed - -1980)