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San Diego County Board Policies Overview
Section A - Index of Policies
A-1 - Board of Supervisors Policy Manual
A-004 Appointment of Directors to the California State Association of Counties
A-5 Appointment of Committee Members to Various State Committees
A-8 - Services to Newly Incorporated Cities
A-13 General Regulatory Legislation
A-26 - Responsibilities and Duties of the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors
A-29 - County Counsel Review and Approval as to Form and Legality of Documents Submitted to the Board of Supervisors or County Officers for Approval
A-38 - Management of Board of Supervisors General Office Operations and Budget and Administrative Support to Board Offices
A-39 - Process to Fill Vacancies on the Board of Supervisors
A-43 Response to Grand Jury Reports
A-44 - Notification to Alternate Members of Boards and Commissions
A-54 - Public Access to County Records
A-67 - Primary Care Services
A-068 Affordable Housing Expedited Review Process
A-71 - San Diego County Economic Development
A-72 - Board of Supervisors' Agenda and Related Processes
A-73 - Openness in County Government
A-74 - Participation in County Boards Commissions, and Committees
A-76 Sunset Review Process
A-77 - Appointment to Fill Vacancies and Cancellation of Election where Insufficient Nominations Filed Prior to Uniform District Election and Citizen Planning Group Election
A-79 - Interlocking Directorates
A-80 - Publication of Ordinance Summaries and Display Advertisements
A-81 - Procurement of Contract Services
A-84 - Policy for Public Funding of Memberships in Professional Associations
A-87 - Competitive Procurement
A-89 - Delegation of Authority for Certain Lease and Promissory Note Management Responsibilities to Chief Administrative Officer and County Counsel
A-90 - Outside Auditor: Length of Contract
A-92 - Juvenile Justice
A-93 - Board Policy on Matters Subject to Meet and Confer
A-94 - Disposal of Personal Property
A-095 Compensation Ordinance Amendments
A-97 - Protest Procedures for Award of Contracts
A-98 Board Policy on Non-Interference in Administrative Affairs
A-99 - Tobacco and Electronic Smoking Device Use, Prevention and Cessation
A-100 - Flood Control District Advisory Commission
A-102 - Seismic Safety Policy
A-103 Administration of County Code Provisions Related to the Prevention and Control of Fly Breeding on Commercial Poultry Ranches
A-104 The Role of San Diego County Capital Asset Leasing Corporation
A-105 Filling Vacancies in Elected Offices
A-106 - Water Supply, Conservation, and Reclamation
A-108 Service of Summons and Complaints on Members of the Board of Supervisors in Lawsuits Against Individual Supervisors in their Official Capacity
A-111 Data/Information and Information Systems
A-112 - Acceptance and Use of Gifts and Donations
A-114 - County Prevention Policy
A-115 - Expediting Permit Processing for Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment/Recovery Facilities
A-120 Zero Tolerance for Fraud in County Programs and Services
A-121 - Violence and Threats in the Workplace: Zero Tolerance
A-123 - County Community Reinvestment Policy
A-124 Economic Incentives
A-125 - Americans with Disabilities Act: Employment Provisions
A-126 - Proposition 172 and New Program Revenues in the Sheriff’s Department, Office of the District Attorney and the Probation Department
A-127 County Domestic Violence Policy
A-128 Comprehensive Homeless Policy
A-129 - Compliance with the Countywide Records Management Program
A-130 - County of San Diego Volunteer Policy
A-131 - Protecting Personally Identifiable Information
A-132 Gender-Responsive Services for Juvenile Female Offenders and At-Risk Young Women and Girls
A-133 - Provide guidelines for staff levels in the Health and Human Services Agency
A-134 - Procedures for Appointment to Resources Conservation District Board of Directors
A-135 - Process for Board of Supervisors Appointments to the Retirement Board
A-136 - Use of County of San Diego General Management System for Administration of County Operations
A-137 - Environmentally Responsible Use of Copy and Printing Paper
A-138 Use of County Seal
A-139 - Language Access
AA-1 - Board of Supervisors’ Policy Manual Modifications-Exceptions
Section B - Index of Policies
B-3 - Recovery of Payments Made in Error
B-4 - Administration and Management of Public Liability Claims
B-005 Delinquent County Accounts - Small Claims Actions by the Auditor and Controller, Office of Revenue and Recovery
B-26 - Non-Acceptance of Surety Bonds
B-28 - Limitation of Liability on Service Agreements
B-29 - Fees, Grants, Revenue Contracts - Department Responsibility for Cost Recovery
B-31 - Risk Management
B-036 Acts Required or Authorized to be Performed Under Revenue and Taxation Code Section 4675 by the Treasurer-Tax Collector
B-37 - Use of the Capital Program Funds
B-38 - Tuition Refund Program
B-39a - Veteran Owned Business (VOB) and Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise (DVBE) Program
B-040 - Administration of Workers' Compensation Liabilities
B-041 - Liability Coverage for Volunteers
B-042 Authorization of Power by the Board of Supervisors to the County Auditor and Controller, the County Treasurer-Tax Collector, and the County Counsel Pursuant to Section 4804 of the Revenue and Taxation Code
B-43 - Drawing of New Warrants by the County Auditor and Controller
B-44 - Audit Follow-up
B-45 - Property Tax Exchanges Resulting From Jurisdictional Changes
B-047 Administration of Unemployment Insurance Claims
B-48 - Voluntary Medical and Property Damage Coverage for Non-County-Owned Polling Places
B-53 - Small Business Policy (SBP)
B-55 - Underwriting Costs of County Publications and Activities
B-57 - Authorization for the County Treasurer-Tax Collector to Act for the Board of Supervisors to Implement Revenue and Taxation Code Section 3731 to Provide for Rescission of Tax Sales of Tax-Defaulted Property
B-058 Administration of Unemployment Insurance Claims
B-63 - Competitive Determination of Optimum Service Delivery Method
B-065 Long-Term Financial Obligation Management Policy
B-066 Procurement of Products and Services from California's Prison Industry Authority
B-067 Environmentally Preferable Procurement
B-69 - Allocation of County Penalty Assessment Funds
B-072 Neighborhood Reinvestment Program
B-73 - No Cost Communication Services for Incarcerated Persons
B-74 - Contracting Standards for Janitorial, Landscaping, and Security Services Contracts
I-001 Planning and Sponsor Group Policies and Procedures
I-17 - Right-of-Way Dedication and Public Improvement Requirements in Connection With Zone Reclassifications
I-18 - Right-Of-Way Dedication and Public Improvement Requirements In Connection With Major and Minor Use Permits
I-19 - Subdivision of Land-Substitution of One Form of Improvement Security for Another - Reduction of Security
I-021 Minor Modifications and Time Extensions on Subdivision Agreements
I-024 Establishment of Assessment Districts to Provide for Public Improvements
I-29 - Certificates of Zoning Compliance for Advertising Signs
I-30 - Minor Street Acquisitions, Vacations or Abandonments
I-32 - Distribution of Notices of Board of Supervisors Conferences on Planning Matters
I-38 - Agricultural Preserves
I-044 Procedure for Designing New County-owned Community/Local Parks
I-48 - Extending Sewer Lines Within the San Diego County Sanitation District
I-49 - Distribution of Notification of Land Use Hearings
I-050 San Diego Regional Standards for Public Works Projects
I-51 - Connection to Interceptor Sewers Within the San Diego County Sanitation District
I-53 - Cost Responsibility for the Construction of Flood Control and Drainage Facilities Within Road Rights of Way
I-60 - Prohibition of Grading Until Annexation or Other Discretionary Actions Are Completed
I-63 - General Plan Amendment Initial Review
I-70 - Reporting Complaint and/or Violations History for Planning Actions Brought Before Hearing Boards
I-73 - Hillside Development Policy
I-74 - Enforcement of Permitted and Non-Permitted Grading on Private Property
I-78 - Small Wastewater Treatment Facilities
I-80 - Covenants to Improve Off-Site Private Road Easements for Minor Subdivisions
I-081 Rights-of-Way Over, Under, Along, or Through County or District Real Property
I-84 - Project Facility Availability and Commitment for Public Sewer, Water, School and Fire Services
I-91 - Policy for Use of Irrevocable Letters of Credit in Lieu of Cash Payments for Sewer Capacity Commitments for Major Subdivisions Within the San Diego County Sanitation District
I-92 - Undergrounding of Utilities - Waiver Requests
I-98 - Expiration of Use Permit - Notification of Applicant
I-99 - Expenditure and Use of Revenue for Replacement and Improvement of San Diego County Sanitation District Facilities
I-100 - Minor Encroachments into an Open Space Easement
I-103 - Open Space Easement Vacations
I-104 - Policy and Procedures for Preparation of Community Design Guidelines
I-105 - Mobile Home Park Conversion Policy
I-108 - Acceptance of Surety Bonds from Developers
I-109 - Subcommittee and Plans to Guide Development of the Otay Ranch Project
I-111 - Land Use Policy for Discretionary Permits Adjacent to the International Border
I-112 Request to Form or Annex to Assessment and Special Districts for New Developments
I-115 - Limitations on Continuances by Hearing Bodies
I-117 Banking Mitigation Policy
I-118 - Refund and Relief Policy When Permits and Projects are Issued in Error
I-119 - Review of Environmental Impact Reports by County Counsel in Coordination with the County Environmental Coordinator
I-121 - Procedure for Determining Public Convenience or Necessity for Alcoholic Beverage License Applications
I-122 - Use of the County’s 5 Percent Allowable Loss of Coastal Sage Scrub by Other Jurisdictions
I-123 - Conservation Agreement for the Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP) Plan
I-132 - Valley Center Mitigation Policy
I-133 - Support and Encouragement of Farming in San Diego County
I-134 - Role of County Counsel In Land Use Matters
I-135 - Allocation of Excess Capacity in the Campo Water and Sewer Service Area
I-136 - Comprehensive Goals and Policies for Community Facilities Districts

San Diego County Board Policies, California

Current through June 13, 2023

The Board of Supervisors of the County of San Diego are charged with the responsibility of establishing policy to guide the various functions of the County and, where necessary, to establish procedures by which functions are performed. Regulatory policies established by the Board usually are adopted by ordinance and included in the County Code of Regulatory Ordinances. Other policy matters are included by ordinance in the Administrative Code. However, a third group of policies are also established which by their nature do not require adoption by ordinance. Such policies, adopted by statement of action of the Board, need to be consolidated in a reference document for easy access. These policies make up the Board of Supervisors Policy Manual.

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