3.04   Purchasing System
3.05   Budget Transfers
3.08   Warrants
3.10   Checks Returned for Insufficient Funds
3.12   Refund of Fees for Permits, Licenses and Certificates
3.13   Waiver or Refund of Fees for Charitable Organizations
3.16   Claims Against the City
3.20   Special Gas Tax Street Improvement Fund
3.24   Traffic Safety Fund
3.26   (Repealed by Ord. MC-1222, 4-06-06)
3.27   Development Impact Fees
3.28   Special Public Health Fund
3.32   Public Park Development and Recreation Fund
3.36   Cemetery Fund
3.38   Planned Local Drainage Facilities Fund
3.40   Property Taxes
3.44   Service Users Tax
3.46   Service User's Tax Reduction and Modernization Act
3.48   Real Property Transfer Tax
3.52   (Repealed by Ord. MC-1006, 11-18-97)
3.54   (Repealed by Ord. MC-1127, 7-16-02)
3.55   Transient Lodging Tax
3.56   Uniform Local Sales and Use Tax
3.57   Transactions and Use Tax
3.60   Cigarette Tax
3.64   Tax on Parking and Business Improvement Area
3.68   Assessment for Nuisance Abatement (Repealed by MC-1418, 10-05-15)
3.70   Fees set by resolution
3.72   User Fees for Emergency Medical Services
3.73   User Fees for Video Production Services
3.75   Drainage Facilities; Public Utilities
3.80   Cost Recovery System for Booking Fee Collections