(a)   No person shall make false statements or representations for the purpose of obtaining a taxicab and/or transit vehicle driver license. Any false statement or representation made by the applicant for the purpose of securing a license shall forthwith upon its discovery, work a revocation of said license. Any licensee who defaces, removes or obliterates any official entry made upon his/her license, shall be punishable by a revocation of his/her license. Said licensee shall notify the Planning and Zoning Officer of any change in his/her address.
   (b)   At any time the Chief of Police becomes aware of the failure of a taxicab and/or transit vehicle operator or driver to meet the requirements of this Chapter, he shall suspend the taxicab and/or transit vehicle operator license or driver license by notifying the license holder by personal service with a letter stating said violation to the person or address shown on the license application.
   (c)   Licenses granted under this chapter may be revoked or suspended at any time by the Chief of Police if any vehicle or the property listed as the business address in the application, or as it may be amended thereafter, is used for an illegal purpose. A license so revoked shall not be reissued again.
(Ord. 130702-54. Passed 7-16-13.)