(a)   Every taxicab and/or transit vehicle operator, taxicab driver and/or transit drivers at the time of application or renewal of a license shall provide a BCI (Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification) background check by an agency approved by the Planning and Zoning Officer or Chief of Police and such person shall pay for the costs associated with obtaining said BCI background check.
   (b)   A taxicab and/or transit vehicle operator license, taxicab and/or transit vehicle driver license may be denied to any applicant who, within ten years prior to the application has been convicted of a criminal offense under state or federal laws, whether charged under such statute or ordinance. The license shall be denied in the event of a conviction of the applicant within said ten year period of any offense involving gambling, illegal traffic in intoxicating liquor or in narcotics, or moral turpitude. By and with the Chief of Police, a taxicab and/or transit vehicle operator license or taxicab and/or transit vehicle licence may be denied to any person who has knowingly transported persons engaged in either liquor or narcotics traffic or prostitution, whether such applicants have or have not been convicted of such transportation.
   (c)   The approval or denial of a license shall be determined by the Chief of Police.
(Ord. 130702-54. Passed 7-16-13.)