No person shall:
   (a)   Drive a taxicab and/or transit vehicle while intoxicated or drink any intoxicating liquor whatsoever while transporting passengers;
   (b)   Operate a taxicab and/or transit vehicle without a valid operator's license;
   (c)   Fail, neglect or refuse to turn in to the Police Department within twenty-four hours all the lost articles found in the taxicab and/or transit vehicle and keep record of same;
   (d)   Drive or operate a taxicab and/or transit vehicle upon any street of the City, unless the owner thereof shall be operating under and pursuant to a valid taxi and/or transit vehicle operator license, as herein provided;
   (e)   Use any portion of the public street or alleys as a taxicab and/or transit vehicle stand or to permit a taxicab and/or transit vehicle in his/her charge to stand upon any porton of the public streets and alleys and shall have been set apart by ordinance as taxicab and/or transit vehicle stands and allotted to the particular taxicab and/or transit vehicle in question;
   (f)   Fail to notify the Police Department immediately after an accident, giving the time and the location of the accident, the name of the person injured, condition of the injured, character of the injury as far as known, and in case of property damage a description of the property and the estimated amount of the damage;
   (g)   Travel up and down the streets and highways seeking customers;
   (h)   Receive and discharge passengers at any other place other than the curb unless the reception and discharge of passengers is at a business location;
   (i)   Permit passengers to enter or leave only at the right hand side of the vehicle;
   (j)   Exceed the seating capacity of the vehicle as shown by the application filed with Planning and Zoning Officer;
   (k)   Operate a taxicab and/or transit vehicle not equipped with the required safety equipment, such as, but not limited to: outside rear view mirrors on the left and right sides, turn signals, seat belts for all passengers, proper child safety restraint in accordance with the laws of the State of Ohio.
      (Ord. 130702-54. Passed 7-16-13.)