Applications for taxicab and/or transit vehicle operator licenses shall be made to the Planning & Zoning Officer on forms provided by the City and shall contain, but not limited to:
   (a)   Business name, address, phone. Business owner name, address, phone. Business is a sole proprietor or corporation and if corporation, officers names and addresses. Managers name, address and phone.
   (b)   Number of taxicabs or transit vehicles. Year, make/model, serial number (VIN), license plat number, seating capacity and color. Name and phone number of insurance company for general liability and vehicle insurance
   (c)   The name, address, phone number of all drivers. Type of employee, 1099 or regular.
   (d)   Proof of compliance with all state laws and required operator's endorsements for any taxi driver or transit vehicle driver to lawfully carry passengers.
      (Ord. 130702-54. Passed 7-16-13.)