It shall be unlawful for any person to carry on any of the businesses, trades or amusements hereinafter named without first having procured a license so to do, and such persons shall pay the city clerk therefor the following fees: (1960 Code, Secs. 2-1001, 2-1004)
Carnivals or tent shows:
    from 1 to 5 attractions
$ 50.00 per day
    from 5 to 10 attractions
100.00 per day
    from 10 to 15 attractions
150.00 per day
    from 15 to 20 attractions
200.00 per day
Circuses, caravans or menageries
75.00 per day
Fortune tellers, palm readers, mind readers, phrenologists, astrologists or any means or device whereby the past or future is intended to be told
25.00 per day
Merry-go-rounds and any other mechanical ride
10.00 per day
Shooting galleries
5.00 per month
(1960 Code, Sec. 2-1004)