(A)   No person shall stand or loiter in the main traveled portion, including the shoulders and median, of any city or state highway or street, or stop any motor vehicle for the purpose of soliciting employment, business or contributions from the driver or occupant of any motor vehicle that impedes the normal movement of traffic on the public highways or streets; provided that the provisions of this section shall not apply to:
      (1)   Licensees, employees or contractors of the Department of Transportation or of any municipality engaged in construction or maintenance or in making traffic or engineering surveys; or
      (2)   As provide below.
   (B)   No person shall conduct any business as an itinerant merchant or peddler within 20 feet of any right-of-way in the city, or on any sidewalk without a permit as provide above.
   (C)   Individuals over the age of 15 may solicit motor vehicles on roads other than state-maintained roads to solicit employment, business or contributions or deliver or offer to deliver a tangible thing to an occupant of a motor vehicle if:
      (1)   The vehicle is traveling on a street that has a speed limit of 35 mph or less.
      (2)   The vehicle is in one of the following locations:
         (a)   On a two-way street and the vehicle is located in the travel lane that is rightmost from the driver's viewpoint;
         (b)   On a one-way street with two or more travel lanes and the vehicle is located in the travel lane that is rightmost or leftmost from the driver's view point;
         (c)   On a street with one travel lane, and the vehicle is located in the travel lane; and
      (3)   The vehicle is approaching a traffic signal or sign the requires the vehicle to come to a complete stop; and
      (4)   The individual is on a paved sidewalk.
      (5)   The individual may only solicit during daylight hours. Daylight hours are from 20 minutes after sunrise to 20 minutes before sunset.
      (6)   The individual must wear Class II or Class III ANSI 107-2004 outerwear that is reasonably clean and in good repair. No more than four square inches of the outerwear may be obscured by anything attached to or resting on the outerwear.
      (7)   The individual may not carry or display a sing greater than two square feet in area, or display anything with illuminated, animated, blinking, chasing, flashing, or moving effects that may be seen by a person with 20-20 vision from a distance of four feet.
      (8)   Individuals may not solicit in work zones.
      (9)   While delivery or offer to deliver is occurring, it is not a violation of this ordinance if the driver of the vehicle comes to a complete stop in order to comply with a traffic signal or a stop sign.
      (10)   It is not a violation of this chapter if the individual is on the side of the vehicle closest to the edge of the road way while delivering or offering to deliver a tangible thing to a vehicle or accept a tangible thing from a vehicle.
(Ord. passed - - )