(A)   In general.  Every alarm system user shall obtain a permit for each alarm system that such owner operates within the city from city hall. An alarm system business must obtain a permit under this section only if an alarm system is used to protect the premises in which the business is housed.
   (B)   Alarm system user permit application.
      (1)   The alarm system user applying for the permit required herein shall state on the permit application form; the name; address and telephone number of each person in control of the property; the street address of the property of which the alarm system has been or will be installed; the type of alarm system; and the name, address, and telephone number of at least three other persons who can be reasonably expected to be available at anytime, day or night, and who are authorized by the alarm system user to respond to and open the premises in which the alarm system is installed. The form of the alarm system user permit application shall be prescribed by the City Manager. Any alarm system user may obtain a permit application from the city at the business office of the city hall.
      (2)   At such time that any information required as provided in division (B)(1) above is in any way changed, the alarm system user shall complete another alarm system user permit application. There shall be no fee for completing another permit application.
      (3)   Alarm system user permit application shall be submitted to the city business office and forwarded to the Police or Fire Chief who shall approve such application if it is determined that the application provides all of the information required. The Police Chief or Fire Chief shall not approve an alarm system user permit application where the alarm system user's previous permit was revoked pursuant to § 98.05 and the alarm system user has not had the alarm system inspected and repaired by a company licensed by the state to install and inspect alarm systems.
      (4)   The Police Chief or Fire Chief may revoke a permit where it is found that the alarm system user provided false information on the alarm system user permit application form.
      (5)   Upon approval of the application by the Police Chief for police alarms or the Fire Chief for fire alarms as set forth in this section, a permit shall be issued.
      (6)   Any person whose application for a permit is denied by the Police Chief or Fire Chief may appeal from such decision to the City Manager pursuant to § 98.08.
   (C)   Each permit for a business shall be available at the premises wherein the alarm system is installed and shall be available for inspection by the Chief of Police or Fire Chief during normal business hours.
   (D)   Any alarm system user who operates an alarm system without a permit as required by this chapter shall be assessed a civil penalty of:
   Failure to secure permit         $10
   Each false alarm answered
   by the Police Department         $48
   Each false alarm answered
   by the Fire Department         $100
   If, however, at the time of the first false fire or police alarm, the alarm system user has not obtained a permit, the user will not be assessed a civil penalty, as provided above, so long as such user obtains a permit within ten days of the occurrence of the first false fire or police alarm.
(Ord. passed 11-13-01)