Unless expressly allowed by a permit issued pursuant to Chapter 95, or as a part of regular business operations for appropriately permitted businesses (i.e. sidewalk sale), no person shall store, display, sell or exhibit for sale on any street or sidewalk within the city any good, wares or merchandise, nor shall any person place or use any equipment for the display, storage or vending of any goods, wares, or merchandise upon any street or sidewalk. However upon approval of the City Manager, a portion of the sidewalk may be utilized by the business fronting on said sidewalk, provided that a 36-inch unobstructed area is maintained from the back of the curb and any encroaching object at all times, without obtaining a permit issued pursuant to Chapter 95, and provided that the portion of the sidewalk utilized is not detrimental to the public health or safety. The area of the sidewalk used shall be limited to the frontage of the business utilizing the sidewalk. Such displays are permissible only during the regular hours of operation for the business conducting the sale, and must be removed from the sidewalk at the close of business each day.
(`90 Code, § 18-2)  (Am. Ord. passed 8-9-05; Am. Ord. passed 11-19-12; Am. Ord. passed 7-9-19) Penalty, see § 96.999