(A)   The owner shall be entitled to resume possession of his or her animal, except as already provided for certain animals, upon compliance with the provisions of this chapter and the payment of shelter fees incurred. The shelter fees shall be as follows:
      (1)   Redemption by owner                           $25
      (2)   Redemption by owner (second offense in one-year period)            $50
      (3)   Redemption by owner (three plus offenses in one- year period, per offense)   $100
      (4)   Adoption fee                              $25
   (B)   If two or more violations occur within one year, the owner redemption fee shall increase by as outlined above. In addition to the other fees set out herein, a boarding fee at the rate of $5 per day must be paid before dogs may be redeemed.
   (C)   If the dog or cat has not been vaccinated against rabies, the owner will be given a proof of rabies vaccination card at the time of the redemption or adoption. This card will be stamped with a date stating the maximum time limit allowed to take the dog or cat to the veterinarian of his or her choice for rabies vaccination. Time limit for dogs or cats four  months and older will be 48 hours, with Sundays and holidays excluded. For puppies and kittens under four months, the time limit would vary according to their age.
   (D)   The card will be completed and returned to the animal shelter by the owner. If this card is not returned to the animal shelter within the time limit, an Animal Control Officer will be dispatched to retrieve the dog or cat and the owner can be cited for violation of state law.
   (E)   There will be a $20 deposit for all animals adopted from the shelter. This deposit will be returned once the proof of vaccination card and the proof of sterilization card has been returned. The sterilization card must be returned within 30 days if the animal is six months of age or older.
(Ord. passed 4-5-93; Am. Ord. passed 3-11-13; Am. Ord. passed 3-9-15)