For the purposes of this schedule, Uptown shall be construed as an area bounded as follows: on the east by Foushee Street, on the north by Morehead Street, on the west by Madison Boulevard and on the south by Gordon Street. Unless otherwise expressly stated in a permit issued pursuant to Chapter 95, the area shall have restricted parking of motor vehicles as follows:
   (A)   On-street parking between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., on all weekdays, shall be limited to two hours.
   (B)   Any person parking a vehicle within the Uptown on-street parking area for a time exceeding two hours, or the time limit otherwise marked for the parking area, shall be fined. Every hour thereafter shall be fined as a separate violation.
   (C)   Off-street parking in city-owned lots shall be limited to no more than 12 consecutive hours, provided that residents of apartment units in the Uptown area may obtain a maximum of two permits per unit from the city allowing them to park their vehicles in such lots. The application for Uptown Resident parking permits shall be submitted to the supervisor of administrative services for the Roxboro Police Department. To qualify for a permit, the applicant must provide: (i) a copy of his/her lease for an apartment unit in the Uptown area; and (ii) identifying information regarding the vehicle for which a permit is issued (make, model, color, and license plate number.) The Uptown parking permit shall expire at the expiration of the lease term. The Uptown parking permit must be displayed in the vehicle at all times that the vehicle is parked in the city-owned lot for which the permit has been issued. Any vehicle parked for more than 12 consecutive hours in an Uptown, city-owned parking lot, which does not display a proper permit, shall be considered an abandoned vehicle and subject to the penalties established in division (E) below, as well as removal and impoundment.
   (D)   All parking spaces for the disabled shall be duly marked as by statute provided, and only vehicles of disabled persons shall be permitted to be parked therein.
   (E)   Any violation of divisions (A) through (D) shall subject the offender to a civil penalty as follows:
      (1)   Over-time parking: first offense - $15; second offense within a calendar day - $10; third offense within a calendar day - $10. If the offender fails to pay this penalty within ten days after being cited for a violation and notified of the penalty, a late penalty of $20 shall be added, and the city may seek to collect the total penalty or penalties in a civil action in the nature of debt.
      (2)   Each day that any violation continues after a person has been notified that such violation exists and that he or she is subject to the penalties specified in this section shall constitute a separate offense.
      (3)   This chapter may also be enforced by an appropriate equitable action, including injunctions or orders of abatement.
      (4)   The city may enforce this chapter by any one or a combination of the foregoing remedies.
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   Junked and abandoned motor vehicles, see Ch. 94
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   Handicapped parking space, see G.S. § 20-37.6