Applications for watershed protection permits shall be accompanied by plans in duplicate and drawn to scale showing the following:
A)   Location of Project
            Project included within a 10%/70% district.
B)   Lot Dimensions
               Actual dimension and acreage of the lot to be built upon, and the location of any rights-of-way.
               Average lot size (in square feet).
C)   Built-upon Areas
            The accurate location and use of all existing and proposed buildings and other structures, and for nonresidential developments, the location and size, in square feet, of all built-upon areas including parking and loading facilities.
            The percent of the project that will be covered with an impervious surface.
            The area, in acres, to be left natural.
D)   Dwelling Units
            The total number of dwelling units proposed on the lot or tract.
E)   Streams and Rivers
            The accurate location of all perennial streams and natural drainage areas on the property.
F)   Adjacent Property Owners
            The names of adjoining property owners.
G)   Buffers
            The location of all required buffer areas.
(Ord. passed 6-18-10)