§ 53.124  APPEALS.
   (A)   Right of appeal.  Any aggrieved person affected by any decision, order, requirement, or determination relating to the interpretation or application of this subchapter made by the Stormwater Administrator, may file an appeal to the Board of Adjustment within 30 days. Appeals of variance requests shall be made as provided in the section on variances (§ 53.138). In the case of requests for review of proposed civil penalties for violations of this subchapter, the Board of Adjustment shall make a final decision on the request for review within 90 days of receipt of the date the request for review is filed.
   (B)   Filing of appeal and procedures.
      (1)   Appeals shall be taken within the specified time period by filing a notice of appeal and specifying the grounds for appeal on forms provided by City of Roxboro. The Stormwater Administrator shall transmit to the Board of Adjustment all documents constituting the record on which the decision appealed from was taken.
      (2)   The hearing conducted by the Board of Adjustment shall be conducted in the nature of a quasi-judicial proceeding with all findings of fact supported by competent, material evidence.
   (C)   Review by Superior Court.  Every decision of the Board of Adjustment shall be subject to Superior Court review by proceedings in the nature of certiorari. Petition for review by the Superior Court shall be filed with the Clerk of Superior Court within 30 days after the latter of the following:
      (1)   The decision of the Board of Adjustment is filed; or
      (2)   A written copy of the decision is delivered to every aggrieved party who has filed a written request for such copy with the Chairman of the Board of Adjustment at the time of its hearing of the case.
(Ord. passed 6-12-12)