(A)   Upon completion of the improvement project, the City Manager or his or her representative shall determine the total project cost. The total project cost shall include engineering, materials, labor, equipment, legal fees, interest paid by city during construction, right-of-way cost and cost of publications.
   (B)   The City Council shall then pass a resolution declaring cost and ordering preparation of the preliminary assessment roll and setting a time and place for a public hearing on same.
   (C)   The City Clerk shall then prepare the preliminary assessment roll, and same shall be maintained in the Clerk's office for public inspection.
   (D)   Ten days prior to the date of public hearing on the preliminary assessment roll resolution, the City Clerk shall cause to be published a public notice in the local paper, stating a description of the project, noting the assessment roll is available in the Clerk's office for public inspection, and the time and place of the public hearing on the assessment roll.
   (E)   The City Clerk shall mail a notice to each property owner, stating the time and place of the assessment roll public hearing, at least ten days prior to the hearing.
   (F)   The assessment roll public hearing shall be held at the announced time and place, at which time the City Council shall hear all contentions and objections from all interested persons. After the public hearing, the City Council shall adopt a resolution confirming the assessment roll and levying the assessment.
(`90 Code, § 20-99)  (Ord. passed 2-14-89)