11-10-7: EXEMPTIONS:
The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to the following construction activities:
   A.   Development of a site for which a soil erosion and sedimentation control plan has been prepared and approved as a condition of issuance of a site development permit or the approval of a plat of subdivision, and on which the plan is being implemented.
   B.   Excavation below final grade for the basement and footings of a single-family residence and appurtenant structures on a site in excess of five (5) acres.
   C.   Agricultural use of land, including the implementation of conservation measures included in a farm conservation plan approved by the Soil and Water Conservation District, and including the construction of agricultural structures.
   D.   Installation, renovation, or replacement of a septic system to serve an existing dwelling or structure.
(Ord. 87-4-1F, 4-1-1987)