A.   Special Precautions: If at any stage of the grading of any development site the Village determines by inspection that the nature of the site is such that further work authorized by an existing permittee is likely to imperil any property, public way, watercourse or drainage structure, the Village may require, as a condition of allowing the work to be done, that such reasonable special precautions be taken as is considered advisable to avoid the likelihood of such peril. “Special precautions” may include, but shall not be limited to, a more level exposed slope, construction of additional drainage facilities, berms, terracing, compaction, or cribbing, installation of plant material for erosion control, and recommendations of a registered soil engineer and/or engineering geologist which may be made requirements for further work.
   B.   Probable Storm Damage: Where it appears that storm damage may result because the grading on any development site is not complete, work may be stopped and the permittee required to install temporary structures or take such other measures as may be required to protect adjoining property for the public safety. On large developments or where unusual site conditions prevail, the Village may specify the time of starting grading and time of completion or may require that the operations be conducted in specific stages so as to ensure completion of protective measures or devices prior to the advent of seasonal rains.
(Ord. 87-4-1F, 4-1-1987)