(A)   General requirements. The owner or subdivider shall file an application for approval of the final plat with the Village Clerk. The application shall be accompanied by the required application fee, along with 25 copies of the final plat of subdivision.
   (B)   Within six months of the date upon which the preliminary plat was approved by the Planning & Zoning Commission, or a period of time not to exceed 12 months as may be granted by the Village Board, the owner or subdivider shall submit to the Village Clerk the original inked linen drawing, plus 15 contact prints, of the final plat of the proposed subdivision. The drawing and prints shall contain all required certificates as set forth herein this section. All signatures must be affixed using black ink. The final plat shall retain the overall characteristics of the preliminary plat.
   (C)   The Village Clerk shall refer seven copies of the contact prints to the Planning & Zoning Commission for review, and one contact print to the Village Engineer. The Engineer and other public officials having jurisdiction shall review the plat and report approval or recommend revision to the Planning & Zoning Commission within 30 days of the filing date. The Commission shall not approve the final plat prior to receipt of the report from the Engineer. The Commission shall notify the owner or subdivider as to the time and place of the Commission meeting at which the problem will be discussed.
   (D)   Within 60 days of the date on which a complete final plat was submitted, the Commission shall render a decision regarding the final plat. One copy of the final plat, as approved, along with any comments the Commission may have, shall be forwarded to the Village Board. The Planning & Zoning Commission shall approve the final plat if it is determined to be in substantial conformance with the approved preliminary plat, and if it is determined to be in compliance with all other requirements of the chapter, subject to such variations as the Commission may recommend in addition to those granted at the time of preliminary plat, and if it is determined to be in compliance with all other requirements of this chapter, subject to such variations as the Commission may recommend in addition to those granted at the time of preliminary plat approval. However, the Planning & Zoning Commission may disapprove the final plat if new evidence has been discovered since the time of approval of the preliminary plat, which evidence is of a type not known at the time of approval of the preliminary plat and which would not have been discovered by reasonable diligence at that time, which is of such decisive nature that the preliminary plat would not have been approved had that evidence been known.
      (1)   If the Planning & Zoning Commission does not approve the final plat, it may permit the owner or subdivider to make such changes as may be required by the Commission and thereupon approve the final plat. Any subsequent resubmission of the final plat shall renew the 60 day approval period as noted herein.
      (2)   If the Planning & Zoning Commission approves the final plat, the Chairperson of the Planning & Zoning Commission shall affix his/her signature to the certificate provided for the approval of the Planning & Zoning Commission, on the final plat.
   (E)   Upon receipt of the Commission's report on the final plat, the Village Board shall within 30 days, by resolution, either approve the final plat, upon adoption of the resolution approving the plat, or disapprove the plat. The Village Clerk shall certify such approval and affix the corporate seal of the village on the final plat.
   (F)   Upon approval by the Village Board, the Village Clerk shall secure one transparency and two copies of the approved final plat, and two copies of the approved supporting documentation. The cost of prints and copies of documents shall be paid by the owner or specifications, drawings, and estimates shall be delivered to the Village Engineer, and one transparency print, one contact print, and all other supporting documents shall be retained by the Village Clerk.
   (G)   The final plat, in exact form as approved, shall be filed for record by the Village Clerk in the County Recorder of Deeds office within 30 days of the date of approval by the Village Board. Approval of the final plat by the Planning & Zoning Commission and Village Board shall be null and void if the plat is not acceptable for recording in the Office of the Recorder. The subdivider shall pay all recording fees. A receipt shall be obtained from the County Recorder indicating:
      (1)   The name of the subdivision plat;
      (2)   The date of filing;
      (3)   The total filing cost;
      (4)   The name of the person doing the recording; and
      (5)   The name of the county officials accepting the plat for recording.
   (H)   Where less than the entire land area shown in the preliminary plat is to be filed for record, each unit recorded shall automatically extend the approval of the unrecorded balance of the final plat for 18 months. The Village Board, upon request by the owner or subdivider, may further extend approval not to exceed 12 additional months. Should the Planning & Zoning Commission fail to recommend approval of the final plat, the owner or subdivider may submit his final plat to the Village Board for their consideration within 60 days of the Planning & Zoning Commission's denial of the final plat.
   (I)   The "final plat" shall show all information as required on the "preliminary plat of subdivision", as well as that information required in this chapter, excepting however, the requirements listed in § 158.012(I)(1) through (4) and shall be submitted with the required drawings of §§ 158.026, 158.027, 158.028 and 158.029. The final plat and required accompanying maps shall be drawn on a reproducible mylar base material not to exceed 36 inches wide by 48 inches long, not be less than 18 inches wide by 24 inches long; shall be to a scale of one inch equals 100 feet, in a manner that clear and legible prints can be made; and, shall be in compliance with this chapter. If necessary, the final plat may be detailed on more than one sheet, provided however, that the submittal is accompanied by an index sheet showing the entire subdivision.
   (J)   Additional delineation. The final plat of subdivision shall also show the following:
      (1)   Accurate angular and lineal dimensions of all lines, angles, and curvatures, with functions used to describe all boundaries including boundary line surveys of tracts, streets, easements, areas to be reserved for public use, and other important features; the error of closure of boundary line surveys shall not exceed one in 5,000. Angular error shall not exceed plus/minus 20 seconds. Lot lines shall show dimensions in feet and hundredths, and when an angle occurs in any lot line between lot corners, the measurement of angle shall be shown in degrees, minutes and seconds. The final plat shall show accurately the location of all permanent markers actually installed.
      (2)   An identification system for lots using consecutive numbers, or consecutive numbers within each block.
      (3)   True angles and distances to the nearest established street lines and official monuments (not less than three), which shall be accurately described in the plat by location, size, and elevation.
      (4)   Municipal, township, county, and section lines accurately referenced to the lines of the subdivision by distance and angles in the same area on the boundary of within 100 feet of the subdivision.
      (5)   Accurate location of all monuments which shall be placed at the corners of the subdivision and which shall be concrete six inches by six inches by 30 inches with metal pipe or rod cast in center, and of additional monuments at block corners and which shall be placed at all angle points, and at intermediate points as required by the Village Engineer, and shall be of iron pipe, and installed in a manner that they may be located by a registered land surveyor.
      (6)   Accurate outlines of any areas to be dedicated or reserved for public use or for the exclusive use of property owners within the subdivision.
   (K)   Certificates to be placed on final plat of subdivision.
      (1)   Owners Certificates.
   (Corporate owner's certificate shall be accompanied by a corporate form of acknowledgement.)
   This is to certify that the undersigned is the owner of the land described in the annexed plat, and has caused the same to be surveyed and subdivided, as indicated thereon, for the uses and purposes therein set forth, and does hereby acknowledge and adopt the same under the style and title thereon indicated. The undersigned hereby dedicates for public use, the lands shown on this plat for the thoroughfares, streets, and public services; and hereby also reserves for the Illinois Bell Telephone Company, the Northern Illinois Gas Company, the Commonwealth Edison Company, American Cable Systems Midwest, and the Village of Romeoville, easement provisions which are stated on their standard form which is attached hereto.
   Dated this     Day of     , 20 
      (2)   Notary Certificate
   I,                 , a Notary Public in and for said County, in the state aforesaid, do hereby certify that             , personally known to me to be the same persons whose names are subscribed to the foregoing instrument as such owners, appeared before met this day in person and acknowledge that they signed this plat as their own free and voluntary act for uses and purposes therein set forth.
   Given under my hand and Notarial Seal this         day of       , 20     .
               Notary Public
      (3)   Surveyor's Certificate
   This is to certify that I,             , registered Illinois Land Surveyor No.       , have surveyed and subdivided the following described property:
   (Insert Legal Description)
   as shown by the annexed plat which is a correct representation of said survey and subdivision. All distances are shown in feet and decimals thereof. I further certify that all regulations enacted by the Village of Romeoville relative to plats and subdivisions have been complied with in the preparation of this plat.
   Given under my hand and seal at               Illinois, this     day of     , 20  .
      (4)   Certificate of Planning & Zoning Commission
   I,               , Chairman of the Village Planning & Zoning Commission, certify that on       day of         , 20  , this plat of subdivision was duly approved by the Planning & Zoning Commission.
                  Chairman, Planning
                  & Zoning
      (5)   Will County Clerk Certificate
   I,               , County Clerk of Will County, Illinois, do hereby certify that there are no delinquent general taxes, no unpaid forfeited taxes, and no redeemable tax sales against any of the land included in this plat.
   Given under my hand and seal at Joliet, Will County, Illinois, this     day of         , 20    .
                     County Clerk
      (6)   Certificate as to Special Assessments
   I,             , Village Treasurer of the Village of Romeoville, do hereby certify that there are no delinquent or unpaid current or forfeited special assessments or any deferred installment thereof that have been apportioned against the tract of land included in the plat.
   Dated at Romeoville, Will County, Illinois, this           day of       , 20  .
                  Village Treasurer
      (7)   Plat Certificate.  Requirement for plats outside the corporate limits, yet within one and one-half miles of the corporate limits.
   Approved by the Mayor and the Village Board of the Village of Romeoville, Will County, Illinois, in accordance with Subdivision Regulations, at a meeting held this         day of         , 20  .
                  Village President
      (8)   Village Clerk's Certificate
   I,           , Village Clerk of the Village of Romeoville, Will County, Illinois, hereby certify that this plat was presented to and by Resolution duly approved by the Village President and Board of Trustees of said Village at its meeting held on the       day of       , 20    , and that the required bond or other guarantee has been posted for the completion of the improvements required by the regulations of said Village.
                     Village Clerk
      (9)   NOTE! Except as otherwise required by statute, certification on final plats of subdivisions located in the unincorporated areas within one and one-half miles beyond the village limits shall be those required by the county subdivision regulation ordinance, except that when this chapter is more restrictive, the applicable certifications contained herein shall also be required.
(Ord. 2313-95, passed 2-1-95; Am. Ord. 12-1014, passed 11-7-12)