(A)   General requirements. The owner or subdivider shall file an application for approval of the preliminary plat with the Village Clerk. The application shall be accompanied by the required application fee, along with 30 copies of the preliminary plat.
   (B)   Sketch planning meeting. Prior to the preparation of a plat of subdivision, it is recommended that the owner or developer/ subdivider consult with the Village Administrator, submitting therewith a sketch of the proposed subdivision/development, to secure information relative to requirements of the comprehensive plan, official map, zoning code, and any other applicable village regulations.
   (C)   The owner or subdivider shall be notified as to the time and place of the Commission meeting at which he will be afforded an opportunity of being heard.
   (D)   The Commission shall approve or disapprove the application for preliminary plat within 45 days after the first regular meeting from the date of filing of the application, or the filing by the applicant of the last item of required supporting documents, whichever date is later, unless this time is extended by mutual consent. If the preliminary plat is not satisfactory, the Planning & Zoning Commission may permit the owner or subdivider to make such changes as may be required by the Planning & Zoning Commission, and thereupon approve the same. The Planning & Zoning Commission and owner or subdivider shall give due consideration to the alignment of lot lines along the boundaries of watercourses, and lot lines shall be so aligned where practical and feasible. When such alignment is not practical and feasible, easements along watercourses shall be provided in accordance with the requirements of other sections of this chapter.
   (E)   When the preliminary plat has been acted upon by the Commission, it shall be referred to the Village Board. If the Commission approved the plat, it shall so indicate on the plat; if it disapproves the plat, it shall furnish the Village Board with documentation specifying with particularity the aspects in which the proposed plat fails to conform to this chapter and the official map, and with the intent of the comprehensive plan. The Village Board shall accept or reject the plat within 30 days after the first regular meeting following the action of the Planning & Zoning Commission.
   (F)   Upon approval of the preliminary plat by the Village Board, the following notice of approval shall be stamped upon four prints thereof, and required signatures affixed:
   Notice is hereby given that the preliminary plat of subdivision shown hereon has received approval by the Planning & Zoning Commission and the Village Board, and upon compliance by the developer with requirements or qualifications governing the approval of preliminary plats and with other revisions and stipulations that may be required, the Village Board will receive the final plat for consideration when submitted by the owner or subdivider in such form and within such time as required by this code.
   The Planning &      The Village
   Zoning Commission       Board of the
   of the Village      Village of
   of Romeoville       Romeoville, Will
   Will County,          County, Illinois.
   Date:                  Date:           
   By:                   By:                Chairman            Village
   Attest:             Attest:           
   Secretary             Village Clerk
   (G)   The preliminary plat and required accompanying maps shall be drawn on a transparent drawing material not to exceed 36 inches wide by 48 inches long, not be less than 18 inches wide by 24 inches long; shall be to a scale of 100 feet to one inch, in a manner that clear and legible prints can be made; and shall be in compliance with the provisions of this chapter. If necessary, the proposed plat may be detailed on more than one sheet, provided, however, that the submittal is accompanied by an index sheet showing the entire subdivision.
   (H)   Identification and description. The preliminary plat shall show the following.
      (1)   The proposed name of the subdivision, not duplicating the name of any plat heretofore approved by the village.
      (2)   The location by township, section, and range, along with an accurate legal description of the property to be subdivided.
      (3)   Identification clearly stating "Preliminary Plat."
      (4)   An accompanying boundary line survey map with accurate distances and angles prepared and certified by a registered land surveyor, and an accompanying topographic map indicating the source of the survey.
      (5)   Disclosure of the legal relationship, if any, between the owner and developer, including any of the following:
         (a)   Agent of owner.
         (b)   Purchaser under contract for sale with owner, contingent or otherwise.
         (c)   Unrecorded owner.
         (d)   Contract purchaser.
      (6)   Name, address, phone number of owner or owners of record of all property within the preliminary plat.
      (7)   Name, address, and phone number of the registered professional engineer preparing any part of the preliminary plat or supporting material.
      (8)   Name, address, and phone number of attorney(s) representing the owner(s) and developer(s).
      (9)   Graphic engineering scale shall not exceed 100 feet to one inch.
      (10)   The north point, designated as true north.
      (11)   The date of preparation.
      (12)   In the case of a trust, the name, address, and phone number of all members and beneficiaries of the trust, trust officer, institution and account number of the trust.
      (13)   An accompanying boundary line survey map with accurate distances and angles indicating all lands both adjacent to and within 100 feet of the proposed subdivision, such property being under contract, owned, or option to purchase, or other proprietary interest by the owner's or developer's/subdivider's of the property under consideration.
   (I)   Existing conditions. The preliminary plat shall also show the following:
      (1)   The boundary lines of the proposed subdivision in accordance with division (I)(4) above.
      (2)   The total acreage therein.
      (3)   The existing zoning districts in the proposed subdivision and adjacent thereto.
      (4)   The location, widths, and names of all existing or previously platted streets and other rights-of-way, showing the type of improvements (if any), railroad and utility rights-of-way, parks and other public open spaces, in tract and to a distance of 100 feet beyond the tract.
      (5)   The location and size of existing sewer pipes, water mains, culverts and other underground facilities within the tract and to a distance of 100 feet beyond the tract. The locations of catch basins, manholes, valves and hydrants, and indicating such data as surface and invert elevations within the tract and to a distance of 100 feet beyond the tract.
      (6)   The location map, drawn at the scale of not less than one inch equals 1,000 feet, showing boundary lines of adjoining unsubdivided or subdivided plat with an area bounded by the nearest thoroughfare or other boundaries, but not less than one-half mile beyond the subdivision boundaries of subdivisions located beyond the village limits, identifying the type of use of surrounding land and showing the alignments of existing streets.
      (7)   Topographic data, which shall include existing contours at vertical intervals of not more than two feet, and the location of watercourses, flood plains, marshes, wooded areas, isolated areas, and other significant features. Topographic data shall refer to the U.S.G.S. datum. Soil boring data may be required at location and depth as determined by the Village Engineer.
      (8)   The locations of, or reference to, existing monuments or survey markers used in the preparation of the survey.
      (9)   All wooded areas and trees having four inch caliper or greater.
   (J)   Subdivision design and features. The preliminary plat shall also show the following:
      (1)   The preliminary plat shall be in substantial accord with the comprehensive plan.
      (2)   The layout of the streets, showing right-of-way widths and street names, not duplicating the name of any street heretofore used within and adjacent to the village and its environs (i.e. Will County 9-1-1 service area and adopted mutual aid agreements), unless the street is an extension of or in line with already named street, in which event that name shall be used; and showing proposed through streets extended to boundaries of the subdivision.
      (3)   The location and width of pedestrian ways, utility easements, and drainage easements.
      (4)   The layout, lot numbers, and dimensions of the lot, containing the minimum width and depth and the maximum width and depth.
      (5)   The minimum front, side, and rear building setback lines, indicating dimensions.
      (6)   The design and location of proposed street lights and easements therefore.
   (K)   Drainage. Concurrent with the filing of the preliminary plat, the owner or subdivider shall file with the Village Planner three copies of a preliminary drainage plan for the proposed subdivision, which shall indicate the following:
      (1)   The design intent of sanitary sewers, storm drains, and open drainage ways, if any, and proposed method of sewage treatment and waste disposal.
      (2)   The design intent and proposed location and sizes of water mains, valves, and hydrants.
      (3)   The design intent of proposed street alignments, pavement widths, approximate street elevations and gradients.
      (4)   The extent and area of each watershed tributary to the drainage channel within the proposed subdivision.
      (5)   Existing streams and flood water run-off channels to be maintained, enlarged, altered, or eliminated and new channels to be constructed, their locations, cross section, and profiles.
      (6)   Existing detention ponds and basins to be maintained, enlarged, altered, or eliminated, and new ponds or basins to be built along with dams and their design.
   (L)   Validity. The approval by the Village Board of Trustees for the preliminary plat of subdivision shall be valid for a period of 12 months from said date. The Village Board of Trustees, upon request by the owner/developer/ subdivider, may extend the approval for a period not to exceed six additional months.
(Ord. 2313-95, passed 2-1-95; Am. Ord. 12-1014, passed 11-7-12)