(a)   The Safety/Service Director shall have the authority, consistent with this Section, to grant special exemptions to the provisions of this chapter.  The Director may establish application forms and procedures for processing requests for special exemptions.
   (b)   Any person seeking a special exemption pursuant to this Section shall file an application with the Director, or his designated representative in the manner and format established by the Director.  The application shall contain information which demonstrates that bringing the source of sound or activity for which the special variance is sought into compliance with this chapter would constitute an unreasonable hardship on the applicant, on the community or on other persons, and that the granting of the exemption will not adversely impact adjoining properties.
   (c)   In determining whether to grant or deny the application, the Director shall balance the hardship to the applicant, the community and other persons of not granting the special exemption against the potential adverse impacts on other  properties or persons.  The Director shall grant special exemptions only when there is sufficient evidence and justification to warrant suspension of the normal noise standards. (Ord. 112-01.  Passed 9-24-01.)