(A)   Within 10 days after the posting and mailing of the notice, as provided in § 94.090, the person responsible shall remove the nuisance or show that no nuisance exists.
   (B)   A person responsible, protesting that no nuisance exists, shall file with the City Recorder a written statement which shall specify the basis for so protesting.
   (C)   The statement shall be referred to the City Council as a part of its regular agenda at its next succeeding meeting. At the time set for consideration of the abatement, the person protesting may appear and be heard by the Council; and the Council shall determine whether or not a nuisance in fact exists; and the determination shall be entered in the official minutes of the Council. Council determination shall be required only in those cases in which a written statement has been filed as provided.
   (D)   If the Council determines that a nuisance does in fact exist, the person responsible shall, within 10 days after the Council determination, abate the nuisance.
(Prior Code, Ord. 112, passed 9-23-1975)