A.   Authority: This chapter is enacted pursuant to the police powers granted to the village by 65 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/1-2-1, 5/11-12-12, 5/11-30-2, 5/11-30-8, 5/11-31-2, 5/11-111.1-1 (1992). The administration and enforcement of this chapter shall be performed by the village within its jurisdiction.
   B.   Purpose: The purpose of this chapter is to establish reasonable rules and regulations for development in order to:
      1.   Meet the requirements of the rivers, lakes and streams act, 615 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/18g effective November 18, 1987;
      2.   Prevent additional harm due to periodic flooding including loss of life and property and threats and inconvenience to public health, safety and welfare;
      3.   Assure that new development does not increase flood and drainage hazards to others, or create unstable conditions susceptible to erosion;
      4.   Create no new financial burden on the taxpayer for flood control projects, repairs to flood damaged public facilities and utilities, and for flood rescue and relief operations;
      5.   Protect, conserve and promote the orderly development of land and water resources;
      6.   Protect buildings and improvements to buildings from flood damage to the greatest extent possible;
      7.   Conserve the natural hydrologic, hydraulic, water quality and other beneficial functions of flood prone areas, regulatory floodplains and wetlands;
      8.   Prevent additional disruption of the economy and governmental services due to stormwater and flood drainage;
      9.   Maintain eligibility for the village in the national flood insurance program by equaling or exceeding its requirements and thus make federally subsidized flood insurance available at reduced rates;
      10.   Comply with the rules and regulations of the national flood insurance program codified as 44 CFR 59-79, as amended. (Ord. 94-8-9, 8-23-1994)
   C.   Definition; Adoption By Reference: In this chapter, the term "Lake County watershed development ordinance" means the Lake County watershed development ordinance, as most recently amended on October 13, 2015, by the county board of Lake County, which is hereby adopted by reference and is in full force and effect within the village of Riverwoods and is found in its own compilation. (Ord. 15-12-23, 12-15-2015)