A.   All or any members of the ESDA may be designated as members of a mobile support team created by the director of the Illinois emergency management agency (the "IEMA") to aid and to reinforce the IEMA and emergency services and disaster agencies as provided by law.
   B.   The leader of such mobile support team shall be designated by the ESDA coordinator.
   C.   Any member of a mobile support team who is a paid village employee or officer while serving on call to duty by the governor or the state director shall receive the compensation and have the powers, duties, rights, and immunities incident to such village employment or office. Any such member who is not a paid officer or employee of the village, while so serving, may receive from the state reasonable compensation as provided by law or may receive reasonable compensation as provided by the village board. (Ord. 14-11-25, 11-18-2014)