All plans, plats and other material submitted as required herein shall be considered at regularly scheduled meetings of the Plan Commission or the Board of Trustees. Additional meetings and/or work sessions may be held if requested by the subdivider, and approved by the Plan Commission and/or Board of Trustees, provided that:
   A.   Said meetings and/or work sessions are publicly announced at the regularly scheduled meetings.
   B.   The subdivider shall pay a fee to the Village Clerk for each meeting or work session. The initial sketch plan conference meeting shall be one hundred dollars ($100.00) to be paid in cash, money order, certified check or cashier's check made payable to "Village of Riverwoods" and given to the Village Clerk. Each additional sketch plan conference meeting, preliminary plat meetings and final plat meetings shall be fifty dollars ($50.00) per meeting, payable as indicated above.
   C.   The subdivider shall reimburse the Village for the cost of the Village Attorney, Village Engineer, Village Forester, Village Planner, Secretary or Court Reporter, if required to attend the meetings. Estimated costs shall be obtained and fees shall be put in escrow until such payment is required. (Ord. 272, 3-20-78)