The Plan Commission is vested with the following authority and responsibilities in regard to subdivision control:
   A.   Conduct sketch plan conference.
   B.   Receive and review preliminary plats referred to the Commission by the Board of Trustees.
   C.   Forward to the Zoning Board of Appeals for review and recommendations all preliminary plats which might require variations.
   D.   Forward to the Board of Trustees all preliminary plats with recommendations. If the Plan Commission approves the preliminary plat, it so indicates on the plat, and if it disapproves such plat, it shall furnish the Board of Trustees and the applicant a written statement setting forth the reason for disapproval and specifying with particularity the aspects in which the proposed plat fails to conform to this Title, the Official Map, and with the intent of the Comprehensive Plan.
   E.   Receive all final plats and check their compliance with the preliminary plats.
   F.   Forward to the Board of Trustees all final plats with recommendations. (Ord. 272, 3-20-78)