The Board of Trustees is vested with the following authority and responsibilities in regard to subdivision control:
   A.   Preliminary Plat: If the Plan Commission recommends approval of an application for preliminary approval of a plat, the Board of Trustees shall accept or reject said plat within thirty (30) days after its next regular scheduled meeting following the action of the Plan Commission. Preliminary approval shall not qualify a plat for recording.
   B.   Final Plat: When a person submitting a plat of subdivision or resubdivision for final approval has supplied all drawings, maps and other documents required by the Municipal ordinances to be furnished in support thereof, and if all such material meets all Municipal requirements, the Board of Trustees shall approve the proposed plat within sixty (60) days from the date of filing the last required document or other paper or within sixty (60) days of filing application for final approval of the plat, whatever date is later. The applicant and the Board of Trustees may mutually agree to extend the sixty (60) day period.
   C.   Variations And Exceptions: Approve or disapprove of all variations and exceptions recommended by the Plan Commission.
   D.   Amendments: Amendment of the regulations of this Title when found necessary and desirable alter review by the Plan Commission.
   E.   Enforcement: Initiation of appropriate proceedings to enforce the provisions of this Title. (Ord. 272, 3-20-78)