The following words and phrases, when used in this Title, have the meanings respectively ascribed to them herein, except when the context otherwise requires and except where another definition set forth in another section of this Title and applicable to that section or a designated part thereof is applicable:
ALLEY: A public right of way primarily for vehicular traffic along the side or in the rear of properties which affords only a secondary means of access to abutting properties.
BLOCK: A parcel of land bounded by streets, or by a combination of streets and public parks, cemeteries, railroad right-of-way shorelines of waterways, or corporate boundary lines of the Village.
BOARD OF TRUSTEES: The President and Board of Trustees of the Village of Riverwoods.
BORINGS, SOIL: Examination and analysis of the subsoil by drilling.
BUILDING PERMIT: A permit issued by the Village for the construction, erection or alteration of a structure or building.
BUILDING SETBACK LINE: A line parallel to the street line at a distance from it, regulated by the front yard requirements of the Zoning Ordinance 1 .
COMPREHENSIVE PLAN OR GENERAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN: The composite of the functional and geographic elements of the Official Plan of the Village and Environs 2 or any segment thereof, in the form of plans, maps, charts, text or reporting and implementing ordinances.
CROSSWALK: A public right of way located across a block to provide pedestrian access to adjacent streets.
CUL-DE-SAC: A minor street having one open end and being permanently terminated by a vehicular turn-around.
DATUM PLANE: A reference point from which elevations are measured. The datum plane is mean sea level as established by the United States geodetic survey (USGS).
DENSITY GROSS: The ratio between the total number of dwelling units on a parcel and the total area of the parcel.
DETENTION AREA: A reservoir designed to provide temporary storage of storm water runoff.
DRAINAGE SWALE: A turf drainage ditch of shallow depth.
EASEMENT: A grant by a property owner for the use of a strip of land by the general public, a corporation, or a certain person or persons for a specific purpose or purposes.
EXCAVATION: Any act by which organic matter, earth, sand, gravel, rock or any other similar material is cut into, dug, quarried, uncovered, removed, displaced, relocated or bulldozed, and shall include the conditions resulting therefrom.
EXISTING GRADE: The vertical location of the existing ground surface prior to excavation or filling.
FILL: Any act by which earth, sand, gravel, rock, or any other material is deposited, placed, replaced, pushed, dumped, pulled, transported or moved by man to a new location and shall include the conditions resulting therefrom.
GRADE: Slope expressed in percent.
GRADING: Excavating to fill or any combination thereof, and shall include the conditions resulting from any excavation or fill.
GROSS LAND AREA: The entire area of a development including lots, streets and alleys, measured to the center line of any bounding streets.
IEPA: Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.
LOT: A single tract of land under unified ownership or control within a block, either a lot of record or a zoning lot.
   Lot, Corner: A lot abutting two (2) or more streets at their intersection where the lot lines form an interior angle of less than one hundred thirty five degrees (135°). A lot abutting a curved street or streets shall be considered a corner lot if the intersecting tangents of the curve extended from the points of the curve or from the intersections of the side lot lines with the arc of the curve form an interior angle of less than one hundred thirty five degrees (135°).
   Lot, Flag: An irregular lot under single ownership or control which consists of a stem which fronts on a public or private street, but the stem does not meet the requirement for minimum frontage, and the main body of the lot which does not front on a public or private street as normally required. The platting of new flag lots is prohibited, except as a special use subject to Section 9-11-9 of the Zoning Title. In such cases, the area of the stem shall not count toward the required minimum lot size.
   Lot, Frontage: The width of a lot measured along the lot line, front.
   Lot, Interior: A lot other than a corner lot.
   Lot Of Record: A lot which is part of a subdivision, the plat of which has been recorded in the office of the Recorder of Deeds of Lake County, Illinois.
   Lot, Through: A lot having frontage of two (2) parallel streets. On a through lot only one street line shall be deemed a front line.
   Lot With Frontage: A lot of record which fronts on or abuts a public or private street.
   Lot Without Frontage: A lot of record which does not front on or abut a public or private street. The platting of new lots without frontage is prohibited, except as a special use subject to Section 9-11-9 of the Zoning Title.
   Lot, Zoning: A single tract of land located within a single block which is designated by the Municipality on the adopted Zoning Map, or which at the time of filing an application for a building use permit is designated by its owner or developer as a tract to be used, developed or built upon as a unit, under single ownership or control, and which meets all the requirements for the proposed use. Once a tract land has been designated as a zoning lot, it may be used only in the manner permitted for a lot of record, in the most restrictive zoning district wherein any part of the tract of land is located.
OWNER: The individuals, firms, associations, syndicates, copartnerships, corporations, trusts, or any other legal entities having sufficient proprietary interest of record in the land sought to be subdivided to commence and maintain proceedings to subdivide the same under the statutes of the State of Illinois or under the codes and ordinances of the Village.
PARCEL: All contiguous land in one ownership.
PLAN COMMISSION: The words "Plan Commission", as used herein, refer to the Plan Commission of the Village of Riverwoods 1 .
PLAN, SKETCH: A general map or drawing on which the subdivider's design for the subdivision of land is presented for discussion purposes prior to the preparation of the preliminary plan.
PLANNED DEVELOPMENT: A planned development is a parcel of land which is developed as a unit under single ownership or control which includes two (2) or more principal buildings and which may not completely conform to all of the regulations of the district in which it is located.
PLAT, FINAL: The drawings and documents presented for final approval and recording.
PLAT, PRELIMINARY: The drawings and documents presented for tentative approval.
STREET: Wherever the word "street" is used in this Title, it shall refer to the width of the street right of way or easement, whether public or private, and shall not be considered as the width of paving or other improvement on the street right of way.
   Street, Accepted: A public street which has been accepted for maintenance by the Village Board by resolution.
   Street, Minor: A street intended primarily as access to abutting properties.
   Street, Primary: A street of considerable continuity which serves, or is intended to serve, as a major traffic artery connecting various sections of the Village.
   Street, Private: A private street or road owned by the adjoining landowner or owned as a whole by all residents of said subdivision.
   Street, Public: Any major, secondary or minor street which is shown on the subdivision plat and dedicated to public use.
   Street, Secondary: A street which carries traffic from minor streets to the major street system, including the principal entrance streets of residential development and streets for circulation within such development.
   Street Width: The shortest distance between lines of lots delineating the street.
SUBDIVIDER: The person or corporation who undertakes to divide a parcel of land into smaller parts and is responsible for following the requirements of this Title.
SUBDIVISION: A described tract of land which is to be, or has been, divided into two (2) or more lots or parcels, any of which is less than five (5) acres, for the purpose, whether immediate or future, of transfer of ownership or building development, including all streets, alleys, ways of public service facilities, parks, playgrounds, school grounds, or other public grounds, and all the tracts, parcels, lots or blocks, and numbering of all such lots, blocks, or parcels by progressive numbers, giving their precise dimensions. The term "subdivision" includes resubdivision and where it is appropriate to the context, relates to the process of subdividing or to the land subdivided; provided, however, that the following shall not be considered a subdivision and shall be exempt from the requirements of this Title; provided, however, the applicant bears the burden of proof as to the applicability of the claimed exception:
   A.   The sale or exchange of parcels of land between owners of adjoining and contiguous land;
   B.   The conveyance of parcels of land or interest therein for use as rights of way for railroads or other public utility facilities which does not involve any new streets or easements of access;
   C.   The conveyance of land owned by a railroad or other public utility which does not involve any new streets or easements of access;
   D.   The conveyance of land for highway or other public purposes or grants or conveyances relating to the dedication of land for public use or instruments relating to the vacation of land impressed with a public use;
   E.   Conveyances made to correct descriptions in prior conveyances;
   F.   The first division of lots or parcels of land in single record ownership into no more than two (2) parts and not involving any new streets or easements of access; provided that the two (2) parts meet the requirements of the applicable zoning regulations and all other ordinances of the Village and provided that said subdivision shall be reviewed and approved by the Building and Zoning Officer for compliance with said ordinances prior to recordation and/or issuance of any building permits. (Ord. 272, 3-20-78; amd. Ord. 88-1-2, 1-19-88; Ord. 95-9-12, 9-19-95)



1. See Title 9 of this Code.
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