10-1-3: PURPOSE:
These regulations are established to:
   A.   Ensure the proper legal description and proper monumenting of subdivided land.
   B.   Provide for the installation of utilities, roadways, and other improvements essential to servicing the subdivided land.
   C.   Provide for the dedication and acceptance of land required for schools, parks and other public uses.
   D.   Ensure sound, harmonious subdivision development and community growth, and to safeguard the interests of the homeowner, the subdivider, the investor, and the Village.
   E.   Provide permanent access to the locality and to the Village.
   F.   Limit and control the pollution of the environment that can be caused by inadequate or incomplete urban development.
   G.   Provide common grounds of understanding and a sound working relationship between the Village and the subdivider. (Ord. 272, 3-20-78)