A.   No unauthorized person shall uncover, make any connections or open into, use, alter or disturb any public sewer or water main or appurtenances thereof without first obtaining a building permit from the building official. No water service or sanitary service shall be placed in operation unless specifically authorized in each instance by a building permit issued by the building official. Prior to undertaking any such work, the owner, or his contractor or agent performing the work, shall make application on the building permit form furnished by the building department. The building official may require the permit application to be supplemented with detailed plans and specifications. Any extension of a public sewer for a connection to any building that is the equivalent of fifteen (15) or greater residential equivalent home units shall require an Illinois environmental protection agency permit. All residential or commercial sanitary and water connection charges, any required inspection fees and any required bonds or certificates of liability insurance shall be paid or deposited with the village clerk prior to the issuance of a building permit.
   B.   The "Standard Specifications for Water and Sewer Main Construction in Illinois", adopted January 1, 1997, (or latest revision) by the Illinois department of transportation, unless modified herein, shall be used as a basis for approval or rejection of the owner's building permit application relating to public sewers or water mains.
   C.   The building official and village engineer or their authorized deputies, agents or representatives shall have the authority to inspect, approve or reject the construction of water and/or sanitary services, and for this purpose to periodically inspect each home in which water and/or sanitary services are provided by the village for the purpose of determining if any illegal connections have been made into the village's water and/or sanitary sewer system and to further determine if the water meter seal has been broken and the inside and outside meter readings coincide.
   D.   After a building permit is issued but prior to commencing any construction, the owner or any contractor or agent of the owner installing the water and/or sanitary service shall notify the building department a minimum of two (2) working days in advance so that the building department can review any necessary safety measures that should be implemented.
   E.   After all final connections are made but prior to any backfilling or covering up of any excavation, the owner or any contractor or agent of the owner installing the water and/or sanitary service shall request an inspection from the building department a minimum of one working day in advance. Service connections to any public sewer or water main shall be left uncovered until an inspection has been made by the village. If the inspection for water and/or sanitary services is not approved at the time and date of the village's initial inspection, then each request for follow up inspection shall be made a minimum of one working day in advance. After written approval of the connection, the trench shall be backfilled as specified in accordance with the applicable bedding and trench protection provisions of this chapter.
   F.   The owner or any contractor or agent of the owner installing the water and/or sanitary service shall, as a precondition to the issuance of any permit, indemnify the village and its employees and agents from any loss or damage that may directly or indirectly be caused by the installation of the service.
   G.   Before a permit will be issued for excavating in any public or private street or right of way, the person applying for such permit shall have executed unto the village and deposited with the village clerk a certificate of liability insurance naming the village as an insured with coverage in the amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) and a letter of credit as required by section 5-1A-14 of this code to ensure that the work will be performed faithfully with due care and skill in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations established under the authority of any ordinances of the village pertaining to sanitary and water services and all roadways and disturbed areas will be restored to their original condition.
   H.   As a condition precedent to permitting the connection of any lot or parcel of land to the village sanitary sewer system or the village water supply, the village shall have the right to require the owner of said lot or parcel to grant a utility easement to the village, in form and substance satisfactory to the village engineer, across such portions of the owner's property as the village engineer shall determine to be necessary or useful to lay, construct, renew, operate and maintain all conduits, wires, sewers, pipes and water mains with all necessary manholes, water valves and other equipment for the purpose of serving such property or adjacent properties with sewer, water and/or other municipal services.
   I.   The village will own, install and maintain all water meters one and one-half inches (1.5") and smaller; larger meters for nonresidential users shall be purchased by the owner from the village and be thereafter maintained by the property owner. The property owner owns and is responsible for the water service from the service box (also sewers from the property or easement line) into the house. When a building is ready for occupancy, the plumbing contractor shall provide and install all connections to the meter. Any building that does not have the proper connection will not have the meter installed and thus cannot be occupied. Any questions concerning these connections should be referred to the building official.
   J.   The village will repair all faulty residential meters. If a property owner believes the owner's meter is not reading correctly, the owner may ask the village to test the meter. The village will repair and replace any faulty meters and any water meter seal that is found, upon inspection, to be broken. The charges for replacement of the meter or water meter seal shall be set forth from time to time in the fee schedule. If the meter is found to read correctly, then the village shall add a meter "testing" charge to the owner's next water bill, the amount of such charge to be set forth from time to time in the fee schedule.
   K.   It shall be unlawful for any unauthorized person to draw water from any unmetered connection to the village water supply system, including fire hydrants, without a special permit to be issued by the village building official. The owner, lessee or occupant in control of any premises or property served by the village's water system shall not suffer or permit any contractor or agent working on behalf of such owner, lessee or occupant to violate the provisions of this section.
   L.   1. The building official, plumbing inspector or their authorized representatives shall be allowed access during all reasonable hours to all water meters and protection devices for the purpose of testing meters for accuracy and testing other devices for satisfactory operation. Tests shall be conducted biannually on all compound water meters, fire service meters and protection devices. All other water meters shall be tested biannually at the discretion of the village. Additional testing may be required whenever erroneous or erratic meter readings are registered or when mechanical defects are observed.
      2.   All water meters, isolation valves and other appurtenant devices required to properly meter and protect the public water supply shall be fully accessible to the village. No enclosures, cabinets or recesses shall be constructed or installed which will obstruct the village in maintaining, removing or replacing a village owned water meter or protection device. All owners, lessees or occupants in control of any premises or property constructing such an enclosure, cabinet or recess shall remove or remodel such enclosure, cabinet or recess to provide proper accessibility within ten (10) days of receiving notice from the building official that service or repair to the water meter or protection device has been scheduled. Failure to provide reasonable accessibility for maintenance, removal or replacement of water meters and protection devices within fifteen (15) days' written notice from the village of its intention to cut off and discontinue service shall entitle the village immediately to discontinue such service. In such event, water service shall be renewed to such premises within twenty four (24) hours after: a) the water meter and protection devices have been made accessible to the village, b) the owner or occupant thereof shall have paid in full to the village the delinquent balance of all water services furnished to said premises up to the date of the renewed service, and c) the owner or occupant thereof shall have paid to the village a service charge as set forth from time to time in the fee schedule. (Ord. 02-2-4, 2-19-2002)