Installation of ditches and swales shall be in conformance with the site development drawing. Bottoms and side slopes shall be graded, seeded, sodded or any other approved means of erosion protection as approved by the village.
When, in the opinion and sole discretion of the village, it appears desirable that any rear, side or cross yard drainage ditches or swales should be located within a public legal easement for said purpose, then such easement shall be furnished by the owner in a forward manner approved by the village attorney.
All ditches and swales, whether located in private or public property, shall be graded with due regard to the existing surrounding terrain so as to follow its grade to permit the normal flow of water and to assure best possible drainage. It shall be the obligation of the owner of the property to remove all obstructions and debris from any ditch located on his property and to keep the same at all times clean and free flowing. (Ord. 81-12-13, 12-21-1981)