After all sections of this chapter have been fully complied with and restoration completed, a request for inspection and refund of bond money shall be made in writing on a form provided by the village, and inspections shall be made by the village upon receipt of the written request. The village engineer may be used for consultation on inspections made by the village.
A written inspection report shall be furnished the permittee approving the installation or construction or an itemization of the details if any portion of the construction is found to be improper or unsatisfactory.
If the building chairman or roads chairman approve the performance of the construction, they shall forthwith submit in writing to the village clerk their approval and direction to cause a refund of the cash bond.
Unsatisfactory installations shall be corrected within thirty (30) days of any written notice from the village. If unsatisfactory installations have not been corrected within thirty (30) days of date of written notice, the board of trustees of the village may cause the replacement or completion of unfinished or unsatisfactory work to be done and cause the repair of any damage done to public property by the contractor in performance of the work for which the permit was issued, and such cost shall be deducted from the cash bond on deposit with the village, and the balance thereof shall be returned, upon application of the depositor, and after inspection and approval of the work by the village officers charged with such duty. (Ord. 81-12-13, 12-21-1981)