A.   No person shall hereafter construct, build, establish or maintain any driveway, culvert, ditch or swale over, across or upon any portion of any parkway, ditch or shoulder of a road, whether public or private, nor over any portion of right of way of a public road or private road or drainage easement without first having obtained a work permit to do so from the village.
   B.   Application for work permits shall be made in writing upon forms furnished by the village. Said application shall contain the name and address of the person making the application, the name and address of the contractor or person who is to construct said driveway, culvert, ditch or swale, and accompanying the application there shall be a site development plan or construction plan drawn by a registered professional engineer, architect or land surveyor licensed by the state of Illinois, showing:
      1.   Location of all existing and proposed buildings or structures on the property.
      2.   Location of all existing and proposed streets, roadways, driveways, easements and rights of way.
      3.   Location of all existing and proposed utilities such as sanitary sewers, water mains and gas, telephone and electric lines.
      4.   Location of all existing and proposed drainage to, from and across the site, location of intermittent and permanent springs, if any, and culverts and other drainage structures.
      5.   Enough information on those areas abutting or adjacent to the site to show existing drainage patterns and the drainage course that may affect or be affected by the proposed development.
      6.   Name and address of the party preparing the plan along with certification and seal attesting to its accuracy.
   C.   Before any work is started, the constructor or permittee shall be required to pay to the village a permit and inspection fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00). Provided, however, no fee is required for replacing a culvert under an existing driveway. (Ord. 81-12-13, 12-21-1981)