A.   An "approved container" for the storage of residential waste shall be a wheeled cart or other container of standard waterproof construction of durable metal or plastic material, with a tightfitting cover and with handles, not exceeding a capacity of approximately thirty three (33) gallons. Drums shall not be an acceptable container. Cardboard boxes shall not be used for storage or collection of residential waste.
   B.   When placing residential waste for collection, plastic garbage bags may be used; provided such bags shall be securely fastened and watertight and shall not exceed thirty three (33) gallons in capacity. All plastic bags used for residential waste shall comply with minimum specifications, if any, adopted by the village.
   C.   No containers are necessary for bulk items, but bulk items shall be placed at street side for collection not earlier than the day preceding the pick up day. White goods are excluded from bulk items and will be collected by the waste and recycling contractor by prearrangement, with fees billed as a private service, as set forth in the village fee schedule.
   D.   An "approved container" for the storage of landscape waste shall be metal or plastic containers of a capacity not to exceed thirty three (33) gallons or biodegradable paper "kraft" type bags or a capacity not to exceed thirty three (33) gallons. If landscape waste cannot reasonably be placed in bags or cans, it shall be securely tied with biodegradable string or twine or placed in bundles not to exceed four feet (4') in length, twenty four inches (24") in diameter and fifty (50) pounds in weight. Bundles of brush and/or branch cuttings shall be neatly stacked alongside of approved containers for collection.
   E.   All recyclable materials shall be deposited street side in a wheeled cart provided by the waste and recycling contractor or approved for use by the village. (Ord. 12-2-3, 2-21-2012)