A.   A grantee shall comply with all applicable technical standards of the FCC as published in 47 CFR, part 76, subpart K; provided, that the village reserves the right to adopt and enforce technical standards to the extent allowed by federal law. If such village authority is expanded during the duration of a franchise granted under this section 3-1-10, the village may choose to exercise its authority at its own discretion.
   B.   On or about the anniversary of the effective date of a franchise, the village may schedule a public meeting or meetings with the grantee to review the franchise performance, plans and prospects. At any time during the term of the franchise, the village may require the grantee to make available specified information to determine if the grantee is supplying a level and variety of services equivalent to those being generally offered in comparable markets, and to evaluate the franchisee's performance under the franchise agreement.
   C.   A grantee, upon request of the village, shall provide the village with information describing the location of its cable service facilities and equipment located in the village's public ways and regarding technical characteristics, channel capacity, and channel carriage. A grantee shall provide the village with an updated description, upon request or whenever substantial changes in the cable system are made. If any such information is designated by the grantee as confidential, such information provided pursuant to this subsection shall be exempt from inspection and copying under the Illinois freedom of information act, 5 Illinois Compiled Statutes 140/1 et seq., pursuant to exemption provided for under 5 Illinois Compiled Statutes 140/7(1)(mm) and any other present or future exemptions applicable to such information and shall not be disclosed by the village to any third party without the written consent of the grantee. (Ord. 09-4-5, 4-7-2009)