(A)   The Board of Trustees may revoke the license of a coin-operated amusement device operator for up to a year or remove or cause to be removed a particular device or devices from the licensed operator’s approved registration list for violation of any provisions of this subchapter, or of state or federal statutes. In such an event, no refund shall be made of any portion of any such license or registration fee.
   (B)   On the revocation of the coin-operated amusement device operator’s license, all devices of that operator shall be automatically removed from the approved registration list.
   (C)   Prior to any license revocation or registration removal, the operator shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to be heard by the Board of Trustees to rebut the basis for the proposed revocation or removal.
(Prior Code, § 115.009)  (Ord. 88-014, passed 11-15-1988)