(A)   Application for a coin-operated amusement device operator’s license shall be filed with, and on the form provided by, the Village Clerk. The application form shall contain the required information as to each person applying for a license, be sworn to and signed by the applicant. Where the applicant is a corporation, all officers shall sign, indicating their official capacity, and verify the application. Where a partnership is an applicant, all partners shall sign and verify the application.
   (B)   The application shall be accompanied by a completed registration list which shall list all coin-operated amusement devices placed in any establishment within the village by an operator. This list shall be amended during the licensing period to reflect the registration of additional devices.
   (C)   The Village Clerk shall forward all completed application forms to the President of the Village Board of Trustees who shall present it to the Board at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Village Board of Trustees.
   (D)   The Board shall be responsible for approving operator licenses. Upon receipt of any application, the Board of Trustees may approve an operator’s license for the applicant; provided that, the requirements of this subchapter have been met.
   (E)   In the event that the Board does not approve an operator’s license, the applicant shall be informed, in writing, of the reason for the Board’s action and shall be entitled to a rehearing before the Village Board of Trustees at the applicant’s request. Upon completion of such hearing, the Board of Trustees may approve the application; provided that, it is determined that the requirements of this subchapter have been met.
   (F)   After a license has been approved, it shall be issued only upon payment of the required fees.
(Prior Code, § 115.006)  (Ord. 88-014, passed 11-15-1988)