53.01   Application for taps and service connections to natural gas system
   53.02   Specifications for regular gas service connections
   53.03   All service shall be metered
   53.04   Meters, regulators, fittings and appurtenances connected with system to be open to inspection
   53.05   Meter reading conclusive
   53.06   Test of meters
   53.07   Separate meters for each distinct premises
   53.08   Meter, regulator or village-owned equipment damaged
   53.09   Village not liable for an interruption of service or supply
   53.10   Connection with private lines, general rules, regulations
   53.11   Regulations relative to customer’s piping, facilities, appliances and necessary venting
   53.12   Rules to become part of contract
   53.13   Extensions of gas mains and service
   53.14   Tampering with meter regulator or any parts of the gas system belonging to the village
   53.15   Gas Committee
   53.16   Protection of natural gas service lines and mains during construction