(A)   In the event that any installation, construction, erection or alteration work for which a license or permit is required by this Code, is started or proceeded with prior to obtaining such license or permit, or any business or commercial activity regulated by the Village is conducted or operated without the owner obtaining a license or permit as required under this Code, the fees specified in section 3-1-6 of this chapter, or elsewhere in this Code with respect to said license or permit, shall be doubled, but the payment of such double fee shall not relieve any person from fully complying with the requirements of this Code and the execution of the work nor from other penalties prescribed herein.
   (B)   Persons who conduct business or operate without obtaining a required license or permit may, in addition to the double fee set forth in subsection (A) of this section, be subject to the suspension, revocation, denial or nonrenewal procedures set forth in section 3-1-5 of this chapter. Persons operating under an existing license or permit shall be considered to be conducting business or operating without a required license or permit in violation of section 3-1-2 of this chapter upon a failure to submit a required fee, application or other materials required by the Village for renewal within thirty (30) days after expiration of the existing license or permit.
   (C)   Any contractor who is found by the Village Manager or his or her designee to have performed work within the Village without obtaining a required license or permit on two (2) or more occasions during a thirty six (36) month period shall be subject to an automatic revocation of their business license, if any, and shall be ineligible to obtain a business license, obtain permits, perform work or otherwise conduct business within the Village for a period of two (2) years from the date of such finding. Penalties for contractors who perform work on a landmark structure or property without a permit are in section 11-1-3-4 of this Code. (Ord. 2895, 1-21-2016)