A.   The 2003 edition of the international residential code is hereby adopted by reference as the one- and two-family dwelling code of the village, except for such additions, insertions, deletions or changes as hereinafter prescribed in subsection B of this section.
   B.   The following are amendments to the international residential, 2003 code:
R101.1 Title. Insert the village of River Forest.
R103.1 Creation Of Enforcement Agency. Delete the entire paragraph after the section heading and replace with: The department of public works is hereby considered to be the building department as well as the department of building safety. The director of public works shall also be known as the building official.
R104.10.1 Areas Prone To Flooding. Delete the entire paragraph after the section heading and replace with: Construction within areas prone to flooding shall be in accordance with sections 4-12-1 through 4-12-16 of this title.
R105.2 Work Exempt From Permit. Delete the entire list following the subsection entitled "Building" and replace with the following list:
   1. Prefabricated sheds not with a floor area less than 100 square feet.
   2. Painting, papering, tiling, carpeting, cabinets, countertops and similar finish work.
   3. Prefabricated swimming pools that are less than 24 inches deep.
   4. Swings and other playground equipment accessory to the residence.
Add the following paragraph to the subsection entitled "Electrical."
Replacement Of Electrical Equipment: Electrical equipment may be replaced in-kind or repaired without a permit provided that no modifications to the system is required and that such work is performed by a qualified person as defined by the national electric code.
Delete the entire list following the subsection entitled "Mechanical" and replace with the following list:
   1. Portable heating, ventilating or cooling appliances.
   2. Replacement of mechanical equipment in-kind shall not require a permit, provided such equipment is connected to the same electric or fuel source that the old equipment was connected to, the replacement equipment is the same capacity or rating as the old equipment and further provided that such work is performed by qualified personnel.
R105.2.3 Public Service Agencies. Delete the entire paragraph after the section heading and replace with: A permit shall not be required for the ordinary repairs of above grade facilities and for the ordinary repairs of below grade facilities that are located entirely on private property. Any repair requiring an excavation within the public right of way shall require a permit and shall be performed in accordance with the village's standards for construction of facilities on public rights of way contained in title 5 of the municipal code. Any installation of new facilities regardless of location shall require a permit.
R105.3 Application For Permit. Add the following to the list of application requirements:
   8. All plans for projects shall be prepared, signed and sealed by a licensed architect in the state of Illinois except for miscellaneous permits, detached garages, sheds, other minor accessory structures and interior remodeling projects not involving structural modifications.
   9. All applications shall list the name, address and phone number of all contractors involved in the project.
R105.3.1.1 Substantially Improved Or Substantially Damaged Existing Buildings In Areas Prone To Flooding. Delete this section in its entirety.
R105.5 Expiration. Delete the entire paragraph after the section heading and replace with: Permit expirations shall be in accordance with section 4-2-3 of the Village Code.
R106.2 Site Plan. Rename this section site, grading and drainage plan and replace the existing paragraph with: The construction documents submitted with the application for permit shall be accompanied by a site plan showing the size and location of all structures and paved surfaces (paved surfaces includes driveways, sidewalks, patios, etc.) on the subject lot as well as on adjacent lots. The setbacks to all lot lines shall be included on the plan. Included on the site plan or on a separate plan shall be a grading plan which shows the proposed top-of-foundation elevation for all structures, exterior grade elevation at all structures on the subject property as well as adjacent properties. The elevation of the public walks adjacent to the property shall be shown. When construction within the public right-of-way is required, the plan shall also show the specific location of parkway trees, light poles, fire hydrants, sign poles, etc. The grading plan should also show sufficient existing and proposed spot elevations to show direction of all surface water flow. All elevations shall be shown using the Chicago city datum (CCD). The building official may accept the use of a local datum elevation if a convenient benchmark is not available. The building official may require that the grading plan be prepared by a registered professional engineer.
For new one or two family structures, a survey of the foundation must be submitted to the village evidencing adherence with all applicable zoning requirements prior to proceeding with above grade framing.
(Ord. 3150, 3-13-2006)
R112 Delete the entire section and replace with: Appealing Decisions Of The Village's Building Official.
R112.1 General. Building code appeals shall be based on a claim that the true intent of the code, or the rules legally adopted thereunder, have been incorrectly interpreted, the provisions of the code do not fully apply, or that an equally good or better form of construction is proposed.
R112.2 Appeal Process.
   A. The applicant shall file a written appeal addressed to the village's building official, identifying the particular condition or portion of the work, and the applicable provision(s) of the code which have been interpreted.
   B. The village's building official shall submit a request for written interpretation to the organization responsible for the writing, publishing, and promulgation of the code of which requirements are being appealed. The request for interpretation shall include a complete description of all conditions of the work which are relevant to the application of the code.
   C. Upon receipt of the written interpretation from the code organization, the village's building official shall enforce the code in accordance with the interpretation with regard to the applicant's building code appeal.
(Ord. 3353, 1-10-2011)
R201.3 Terms Defined In Other Codes. Add the following paragraph: The following terms as defined in section 10-3-1 of the River Forest zoning code and shall supersede the definitions in this chapter: Accessory Structure (Building), Basement, Building, Dwelling, Grade, Height (Of) Building, Lot, Story, Structure, Yard.
Table R301.2(1). Insert the following data:
   TABLE R301.2(1)