Improvements required in this subchapter to be installed by the subdivider, which are of a public utility nature (specifically §§ 155.063, 155.064 and 155.065 of this chapter) may provide benefits to other properties in the vicinity of land to be subdivided. Upon the installation of such improvements which cross or adjoin other properties and can be used by such properties, the subdivider and the respective town council if the plat of the subdivision is proposed to be located in a town, or the Board of County Commissioners if the plat is proposed to be located in the unincorporated territory, may, by contact, agree that upon the connection or use of the installation made by the subdivider by others, within a period of ten years following their installation, the new user or users shall pay to the town or county, as the case may be, a fee in an amount agreed upon by the subdivider and the town or county, the amount of such fee to be credited and paid to the subdivider.
(Ord. passed 6-5-1991)