(A)   Prior to the construction of street or alley surfaces and pavements, adequate drainage facilities shall be installed by the subdivider, according to plans furnished by the subdivider prepared by a registered professional engineer or a registered land surveyor and approved by the Commission. A storm drainage analysis based upon a five-year, one-hour rainfall shall be used as the basis for the drainage system. A copy of the analysis is to be submitted to the Commission with the drainage facility plans. Pipe used for drainage shall be of coated corrugated metal, concrete or vitrified clay of an approved design, size and strength to meet the requirements of the specific conditions, which may be encountered. Minimum diameters of pipe to be used shall be as follows:
   (B)   Where curbs and gutters are not provided in the street, shallow swales with low points at least three inches below the subgrade of the pavement may be required by the Commission.
   (C)   Upon completion of the street improvements, a minimum of two sets of as-built plan and profiles shall be filed with the Commission.
(Ord. passed 6-5-1991)