§ 155.065 WATER.
   (A)   The subdivider shall provide the subdivision with a complete water main supply system, which shall be connected to a municipal water utility system; except that, when such water supply is not available as determined by the Commission, the subdivider shall provide an individual water supply on each lot in the subdivision in accordance with the requirements of the County Sanitarian. The water supply system shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the Ripley County Area Recommended Standards for Water Works.
   (B)   The plans for the installation of a water main supply system shall be provided by the subdivider and approved by the respective municipal water department and the County Sanitarian. Construction of water mains and house services to be placed within the improved portion of the street right-of-way shall be completed prior to the placement of the surface improvements. Upon the completion of the water supply installation, two sets of the plans for such system as built shall be filed with the Commission.
(Ord. passed 6-5-1991)