Sewer Regulations and Charges
941.01   Definitions.
941.02   General provisions.
941.03   Connection to public sewers.
941.04   Schedule of rates, fees and charges.
941.05   Application of rates; collection.
941.06   Discharge into public sewers.
941.07   Powers and authority of inspectors.
941.08   Amendments.
941.99   Penalty.
Power to regulate utility systems - see W. Va. Code 8-12-5(32)
Sewer connections - see W. Va. Code 8-18-22
Authority to establish and maintain a sewage system - see W. Va. Code Art. 16-13A
Power to collect charges - see W. Va. Code 8-12-5(32),  16-13-16
Review by Public Service Commission - see W. Va. Code 24-2-4(b)
Deposit limitations - see W. Va. Code 24-3-8