§ 54.99  PENALTY.
   Any person who violates the provisions of §§ 54.10 through 54.22, who fails to carry out the duties and responsibilities imposed by §§ 54.10 through 54.22, or who impedes or interferes with any action undertaken or ordered pursuant to §§ 54.10 through 54.22 shall be subject to the following penalties:
   (A)   If the Mayor, City Manager, Water Superintendent, or other city official or officials charged with implementation and implementation and enforcement of §§ 54.10 through 54.22 or a water supply shortage resolution learns of any violation of any water use restriction imposed pursuant to §§ 54.10 through 54.22, a property where the violation occurred and mailed to the customer of record and to any other person known to the city who is responsible for the violation or its correction.  Said notice shall describe the violation and order that it be corrected, cured, or abated immediately or within such specified time as the city determines is reasonable under the circumstances.  If the order is not complied with, the city may terminate water service to the customer subject to the following procedures:
      (1)   The city shall give the customer notice by mail that, due to the violation, water services will be discontinued within a specified time and that the customer will have the opportunity to appeal the termination by requesting a hearing scheduled before the city governing body or a city official designated as a hearing officer by the governing body.  Reasonable effort will be made to make personal contact with the customer.
      (2)   If such a hearing is requested by the customer charged with the violation, he or she shall be given a full opportunity to be heard before termination is ordered; and
      (3)   The governing body or hearing officer shall make findings of fact and order whether service should continue or be terminated.
   (B)   A fee of $50 shall be paid for the reconnection of any water service terminated pursuant to division (A).  In the event of subsequent cutoffs, the reconnection fee shall be $200 for the second disconnect and $300 for each additional reconnection.
   (C)   Any customer may also be charged with violation of §§ 54.10 through 54.22 and prosecuted in the Madison County District Court.  Any person so charged and found guilty in District Court for violating the provisions of §§ 54.10 through 54.22 shall be guilty of a Class B misdemeanor and punishable according to § 10.99 of this code.  Each day's violation shall constitute a separate offense.
(Ord. 86-39, passed 10-22-86)