General Provisions
   91.001   Drainage and utility easements
   91.002   Driveways and curb cuts
   91.003   Right-of-way maintenance
Utility Poles
   91.015   Permit required
   91.016   Cutting, painting and the like prohibited; exception
   91.030   Assembly on streets and sidewalks
   91.031   Display of goods prohibited
   91.032   Placing objects on streets and sidewalks
   91.033   Construction near sidewalks
   91.034   Repair of motor vehicles
   91.035   Games and the like in streets
   91.036   Burning in streets and sidewalks prohibited
   91.037   Use of skateboards, roller skates and scooters
   91.038   Use of coasters and toy vehicles
   91.039   Yielding to pedestrians
   91.040   Riding bicycle on sidewalk
   91.041   Clinging to motor vehicle
   91.042   Protective gear required
Use and Cleanliness
   91.055   Littering prohibited
   91.056   Maintenance of public areas
Acceptance and Improvement of Public Streets
   91.070   Policy established
   91.071   Requirements for petition; costs to be paid by property owners
   91.072   Costs to be borne by town
   91.073   Assessment procedure; penalties
   91.074   Required length of street improvement
   91.075   Standards and specifications of improvements
Excavation and Repair
   91.090   Permit to dig in the right-of-way
   91.091   Provisions of permit
   91.092   Restoration of streets
   91.093   Excavations; leaving unprotected
   91.094   Streets not to be damaged
   91.095   House moving
   91.096   Damage to bridges and culverts
   91.097   Damage to lights and signs
   91.098   Supervision and control
   91.099   Negligence in excavating on a lot contiguous to street
   91.999   Penalty