General Provisions
   90.001   Authority
   90.002   Purposes
   90.003   Enactment
   90.004   Conflicting ordinances
   90.005   Definition
   90.006   Illustrative enumeration
   90.007   Creation prohibited
   90.008   Notice to abate; contents and service
   90.009   Abatement by town
   90.010   Payment of costs
   90.011   Effective date
Health Regulations Generally
   90.025   Enforcement of this chapter under supervision of County Health Officer
   90.026   Unlawful to hinder Health Officer or assistants
   90.027   Right to enter
   90.028   Property kept clean
   90.029   Human waste
   90.030   Stagnant water
   90.031   Sale of food; eating establishments
   90.032   Debris from construction
   90.033   Spitting on sidewalks
   90.034   Buildings unfit for human habitation
Nuisances Generally
   90.045   Unreasonably loud noise prohibited
   90.046   Noises expressly prohibited
   90.047   Firearms regulated
   90.048   Posting bills; other advertising
   90.049   Firebombs and Molotov cocktails prohibited
   90.050   Open burning regulated
Abandoned or Derelict Vehicles
   90.060   Definitions
   90.061   Declared a health hazard
   90.062   Duty of owner to remove from private property
   90.063   Duty of owner to remove from public property
   90.064   Notification
   90.065   Removal of derelict vehicles on private property
   90.066   Removal of vehicles from public property
   90.067   Reclamation
   90.068   Sale of impounded vehicles
   90.069   Disposition of unsold vehicles
   90.070   Proceeds of sale
   90.071   Unlicensed motor vehicles
   90.072   Trailers
   90.073   Immunity
   90.074   Junk yards
Weeds, Hedges, Tall Grass and Other Vegetation
   90.090   Definitions
   90.091   Weeds or vegetative nuisance unlawful
   90.092   Trimming plants at intersections
   90.093   Destruction of trees or bushes
   90.094   Trimming plants extending over streets
   90.095   Removal of unsafe trees by owner
   90.096   Notice to abate
   90.097   Contents of notice
   90.098   Service of notice
   90.099   Persons liable
   90.100   Abatement by town
   90.101   Payment of costs
   90.102   Appeal of order of abatement of nuisance
Rubbish and Litter
   90.115   Definitions
   90.116   Litter in public places
   90.117   Polluting rivers
   90.118   Scattering rubbish
   90.119   Placement of litter in receptacle so as to prevent scattering
   90.120   Sweeping litter into gutters prohibited
   90.121   Merchants’ duty to keep sidewalks free of litter
   90.122   Litter thrown by persons in vehicles
   90.123   Truck loads causing litter
   90.124   Litter in parks, lakes and fountains
   90.125   Litter on occupied and vacant private property; owner’s duty
   90.126   Clearing of litter from private property by town
Disorderly Conduct
   90.140   Disturbing public meetings
   90.141   Drinking in public
   90.999   Penalty