(a)   Marquees. No person shall erect or maintain any marquee, canopy, awning, clock or other structure or object so that it projects over or upon the limits of any street or alley without first obtaining a permit and filing a liability insurance policy as required by Section 1020.03. Every liability insurance policy required by this section shall be maintained by the permittee permanently in force. Every such insurance policy shall contain a clause obligating the insurer to give the City Clerk, by registered or certified mail, at least ten days written notice before the cancellation, expiration, lapse or other termination of such insurance, and such liability policy shall name the City of Reed City as an additional named insured. No such permit shall be granted unless the proposed plans for the marquee or other structure shall be in conformity with the Building Code. In the event that the marquee or other structure shall thereafter be found unsafe or is not maintained in a sightly condition, or if the liability insurance policy covering such marquee or other structure is not maintained, such marquee or other structure shall be deemed a street encroachment. The City Manager shall notify the permittee to remove or repair such marquee or other structure within ten days or to reinstate said insurance forthwith, and, upon failure of the permittee to comply with said notice, such encroachment shall be removed as provided in this chapter. No such marquee or other structure shall be erected or maintained so as to be less than eight feet above the surface of the sidewalk.
(1981 Code § 4.41)
   (b)   Trees. No person shall permit the limbs or foliage of any trees or shrubs located on premises owned by him or her to grow over or upon any sidewalk less than eight feet above the surface of such sidewalk. Every such owner shall remove all dead, diseased or dangerous trees or broken or decayed limbs which constitute a menace to the safety of the public. All shrubs or bushes located on the triangle formed by two right-of-way lines at the intersection of two streets and extending for a distance of twenty-five feet each way from the intersection of the right-of-way lines on any corner lot shall not be permitted to grow to a height of more than thirty inches above the sidewalk grade. Trees may be planted and maintained in the area, provided that all branches are trimmed to maintain a clear vision for a vertical height of eight feet above the roadway surface. Any owner of property failing to trim any trees, shrubs or bushes in conformity with this section shall be notified by the City Manager to do so, and such notice shall require trimming in conformity with this section within five days after the date of such notice. Upon the expiration of such period, the City Manager may cause the trimming to be done, and the cost thereof may be collected from the owner of said property in the manner specified in Chapter 11 of the City Charter.
(1981 Code § 4.42)