A.   No park owner or representative of an owner shall intimidate, threaten, harm, retaliate, annoy, harass or otherwise interfere in any manner with any mobilehome owner-occupant's exercise of any of the rights conferred by this chapter or the constitutions of the United States and the state of California, or that mobilehome owner-occupant's right to participate in any action or proceeding brought by any interested party pursuant to this chapter, including public participation and the signing of petitions. The city recognizes that many residents in mobilehome parks are elderly and are easily intimidated by threats. The city further recognizes the mobilehome owner-occupant's right to participate, with others, in any matter for the mutual benefit of park residents.
   B.   In any action brought to recover possession of a mobilehome space, the court may consider as grounds for denial any violation of this chapter. Further, the determination that the action was brought in retaliation for the exercise of any rights conferred by this chapter shall be grounds for denial. (Ord. 2532 § 10, 2003: Ord. 2458 § 10, 2000: Ord. 2207 § 1, 1993)